Frequently asked questions

FAQ for creators

Why use n rather than some made randomized data set?

Artistic : Purity of source of randomness as intrinsic sole stated purpose. 

Emotional : Relation between n holder and unique onchain derivation of the randomness. 

Engineering : separation of concerns with the derivative work not being concerned to choose how to emulate entropy.

Crowd psychology : Appartenance sense creation between holders with similar tokens which enjoy derivative works sharing commonalities.

How to distribute my creations via the n network?

Use N pass

Creator SaaS : Launch your NFT collection in 5 minutes.

Pricing : Determine your creations mint price for N holders and the public mint price.

Supply : Define the collection total supply. The % you want to distribute you reserve for N holders.

Schedule : Structure your launch time frame. 

Community is here to support you from A to Z.

I have a project idea but need help or advice.

Check the Developer Directory in resources and join us at Discord to find like-minded nthusiasts.
* Build with n│builders
* Express yourself in n│artist
* Meet fellow hackers&painters in n│speed-dating
* Onboard creators in n│artist-to-onboard

Why is n so amazing?

Next to the endless possibilities, it is the most enthousiastic and supportive community you will ever meet. 

FAQ for n holders

How can you see if an n token has already been used to mint something else?

Go to Projects > Fill in the n token > See what is already minted. 

Where can I find an overview of all n projects?

Our Project page is updated regularly by the great @0xManobi. There is also an automated project list created by @maximonee fill in the n token and see what is already minted. 

Where can I buy a n?

n tokens are all minted. Only for sale on OpenSea

Why are some n's more valuable then others?

Certain numbers or sequences are more rare so more valuable. More information here: and n data and rarity stats.